Project Description

Various School Districts K-12

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Project Description

“I believe that school is primarily a social institution…I believe that education, therefore, is a process of living and not a preparation for future living.”

– John Dewey, Philosopher, Educator, Social Critic

It has been a passion of ours to faithfully serve the “next” generations(s) through various school districts spanning our many years.  Our services include many of their facility needs: building and sites, managing sinking fund projects, pre-bonded work, sustainable design, ADA / Barrier Free Accessibility, facility studies, additions, interior alterations space planning, infrastructure upgrades, new technology, security, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, etc. 

Owner’s understand the importance of our services beyond the initial construction including:

Facility Life Cycle Costs – The total cost of owning, operating and maintaining school buildings will be several times the cost of the initial construction.  We work hard in reducing these costs, so schools have more available in their operating budget.  Schools in America spend more on energy costs each year than computers and textbooks combined.

Life Safety – The safety of occupants is of the highest priority and no one understands that better than parents in the communities we serve.  Safe spaces are where learning can begin.

User Space Interactions – We believe form follows function just as Teaching & Learning should shape the building, not vice versa.  School spaces need to be places where occupant learning can thrive and diversification is welcome.

Schools Systems Served – Monroe Public Schools, Ida Public Schools, Mason Consolidated Schools, Airport Consolidated Schools, Monroe County Intermediate School District, St. Mary Catholic Central and many others.