Project Description

Frenchtown Charter Township Hall

Additions and Alterations

Monroe, Mi.

Project Description

The major goal of this project was to provide adequate space for growth in the next 20 years. The original building, constructed in 1973 was in excellent condition and the owner was happy with the site location. The best option was to renovate and expand at the current facility.

The spatial relationships of departments were driven by the need to be able to view all departments at the same time from within the lobby. This arrangement allows the general public to easily navigate between departments and provides the owner with better visual control of the lobby for security purposes. Each department head’s office is located such that visual contact of employees and the lobby counters is maintained. The location of the board room and toilet facilities away from the normal business hour activities allows the area to function independently for night time activities.

Exterior aesthetics were changed dramatically through the addition of sloped roofs. It was determined that replacing all existing brick was cost prohibitive. The solution was the addition of a second contrasting colored brick to reduce the buff colored brick’s domination. The contrasting color was placed in areas around the building to emphasize form and create visual interest.

Self-contained rooftop hvac units were determined to be the best option to fit the budget for this project, however, the sloped roof design posed a problem for locating the units. The solution was to mount the units on the ground and protect/screen them with masonry walls and landscaping.