Project Description

City Hall Council Chambers

Alterations & Remodel

Monroe, MI

Project Description

The existing Monroe City Hall was constructed in the late 1970’s and includes a meeting chambers used by the Monroe City Council.  This Council Chambers includes a separate and enclosed audio-visual room and is outfitted with microphone, lighting and camera systems capable of recording and broadcasting meetings through its partner public access cable channel – these systems are outdated and are nearing the end of their useful life.  Also, the City Council dais is not presently compliant with the American Disabilities Act and security has been an ongoing issue.

Our design proposal calls for the entire Council Chambers to be completely renovated to improve the overall functionality, ingress / egress, sight lines, overall ADA compliance, access and flow, public seating optimization, podium, lighting, camera, and video monitor placement and other relevant items such as painting, floor and wall finishes.    The enclosed audio-visual room will be relocated to the northeast corner of the room (and those existing audio-visual systems to be completely updated) and the existing storage room will be relocated to the southeast corner of the room.  The existing doors from the Lobby into the Council Chambers will be combined into one main entry with a new see thru glass display cabinet flanking on either side.  The existing City Council dais will be removed and remodeled to comply with current barrier free universal design.   Also, a new second means of egress to the exterior has been added with a large aluminum frame window to provide nature light and views into the city plaza.